Social Ecom Classroom Review – A shortcut to making $300/day with Ecom and Instagram

Don’t have a big budget to spend on paid traffic but you still want to crush it fairly quickly?

Well ecom and Influencer marketing is the WAY to go.

Why? because this is almost like ‘overnight success’. Imagine that someone with hundreds of thousandsof followers that LOVE him and his products, recommends your product, brand or website to his audience,

how much traffic, authority and sales you’ll get OVERNIGHT?

Well Social Ecom Classroom promises to teach you how to get started, and turn a very small budget into $300/day and more with Influencers + Ecom in a short amount of time.

I got early access to it and I reviewed it, here’s what’s behind the scenes, what I think of it and what my bonuses are:

Goes Live At February 23rd, 19:00 AM EST.

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So WHY do you even need Social Ecom Classroom?

Technically, you can just go ahead and contact some famous guy and ask them how much it costs to feature your product.

BUT, here’s where it gets complex.

  • You need a brand to promote before that
  • You need to be presented in a certain way
  • You need to know what to say
  • You need a KILLER product
  • You need a KILLER store
  • You need to know WHO to approach
  • You need to know which influencers suck and which don’t
  • You need about 100 different moving elements

Well, if you have all of these, you don’t need Social Ecom Classroom.

But chances are that if you’re here, you don’t have.

Well, Social Ecom Classroom is the solution to all of that. all these things

are taught in an easy to learn and EFFICIENT training that will make sure you start

making money with Ecom and Influencer marketing in DAYS if not TODAY.

It makes the entire process so EASY.

But here’s where I found it’s lacking.

While they cover the Influencer part into MUCH depth.

They almost completely don’t teach about finding winner products, picking a nice, building your store, how much to charge for shipping, all the setup.

So I went ahead and tried my best to provide you a FIX to that, plus give you some EXTRA oomph to put your influencer marketing on steroids.

Meet my insane bonus package:

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My Social Ecom Classroom On STEROIDS Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)

Bonus #1 – Ecom quick start (since SEC doesn’t cover that in depth)

Here you’ll learn everything from setting up your store, finding your niche to shipping rates etc.

Bonus #2 –  My SECRET method of finding KILLER products that SELL 

Most of the time you need to experiment and test (spend alot of money) until you find a product that SELLS.

Well I’m going to show you my method which I paid $10,000 for to find WINNER products in minutes.

Bonus #3 – Super EXCLUSIVE Influencer Contacting Template – I paid $10,000 to learn this

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But that’s not all, you also get:


F/E : Social Ecom Classroom – $47

OTO 1 – 24k Mega Case Study & Walkthrough (Copy Me) – $97

OTO 2 – 25 Ad Templates – $67 

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so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

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