P1 Profits Review – Page #1 rankings in 48 hours FLAT + $1,156 in PROFIT..

Fast Profits AND long term profits.

Rankings in 48 hours FLAT.

Over $1,100+/ in affiliate commissions.

That’s the premise of p1 profits.

I think that’s a pretty badass premise.

But, is it realistic?

Well, surprisingly, it is, but it’s also not all pink and huggies, if you want to

make money like the creator (and more), you want to watch my review of p1 profits below:

Goes Live At December 27th , 11:00 AM EST.

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So P1 Profits is a cool and profitable strategy to find launches, promote them with launch jacking sites,

drive SEO traffic using secret SEO strategies and then make money.

What I really LOVED about this strategy is that it’s both FAST and LONG TERM, and that’s a rare combination.

What I mean by that basically is that you can not only make money and traffic fast,

but you can also build a long term, sustainable business here.

As an affiliate.

Another thing I found out is that the product is SUPER comprehensive, but not too comprehensive and full of C***.

No fluff, no filler, just step by step, no guess work content. really cool.

In fact there is only one drawback, and that P1 profits has alot of initial set up work and alot of competition.

But worry not, because my bonuses solves most of these issues 🙂

Bonus #1 – DFY Package To DESTROY Competition & Get Results Faster (100 People Only)

As part of my commitment to make your purchase absolutely and utterly badass and profitable, I’m providing you

with a custom tailored bonus package.

You see, in this strategy there are many moving parts.

Two KEY factors to make this strategy work is A. finding offers to promote and B. finding bonuses to these promotions.

I’m giving you a DFY package which contains 5 DFY products to promote from a NEW network, products that are PROVEN to convert with SEO

traffic again and again and again.

And then, I’m going to also give you at least 5 DFY Bonuses to use for these promotions.

Saving you time, money and getting you results FASTER & BIGGER results.

This gives you A HUGE advantage over people who don’t buy my bonuses which is also

why I am limiting it to the first 100 people so we don’t cause any saturation.

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Bonus #2 – Live 90 Minute Q&A

Live call for you where you get some extra info PLUS a full Q&A session.

Bonus #3 – Zamurai Keyword Bootcamp

Discover 7 types of keywords that work like CRAZY with p1 profits and works in ANY niche.

Bonus #4 – Zamurai Video Immersion

A recording of a 4 week step by step live training that teaches how to dominate page #1 of google with videos. Get double the traffic with this

Bonus #5 – Over The Shoulder Gold Digging Video

See joshua uncover keywords live, profitable, traffic getting keywords!

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Prices For P1 Profits:

Opens December 27th at 11am US Eastern:
Starting price will be $9.99 on dimesale.

Sales Funnel & Commissions

Earn 50% Commissions Across the Entire Funnel

OTO 01 – SyndLab 25k Club ($47/quarterly or $42/month)

Here you will be able to get an agency 25k access to SyndLab web-app. SyndLab will allow you to automate the syndication of your niche sites to ensure you get page 1 rankings that STICK for a LONG time!

OTO 02 – X Ranker 360 ($67)

Here you will be able to unlock the PERFECT match for P1 Profits. P1 Profits shows you EXACTLY how to rank niche sites on page 1 of Google and X Ranker 360 web-app will allow you to ALSO claim page 1 VIDEO rankings quickly as well.

With this combo, you’ll be able to rank niche sites and VIDEOS ensuring that you’ll completely dominate page 1 with multiple spots.

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