How To Make Money Online For Beginners

In this article we’re going to be showing you how to make $100 or more. Many people are making way more than $100 per day, literally making videos on YouTube without doing any of the recording yourself. You don’t have to be on camera. You literally don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is remake articles that you’re allowed to use right? This is 100%.
Legit I did all the research there’s, something called Creative Commons that we’re gonna show you and talk about a little bit later in this article. I’m gonna show you guys how to make money online for beginners from YouTube, literally, just re uploading videos that are already on YouTube, because I know, a lot of people don’t have cameras a lot of people don’t want to get in front of a camera. But anyone anywhere with zero subscribers can start to do this and start to make a ton of money doing it.
So most people think that you’re not actually allowed to just reuse, you know, YouTube content and other people’s content that they upload on youtube people think that there’s coffee rights people think that they’re not allowed to actually reuse that and a lot of times that is actually true, but not always there’s something called creative comments. And what Creative Commons is is it allows anyone anywhere to reuse, the article content that people upload to YouTube if they mark it as Creative Commons and this is way good way guys how to make money online for beginners.
And the cool thing is it’s actually very easy to figure out what is creative comments. And what is not creative comments if you know how? But as a warning guys do not skip any of this article because there’s one critical thing that you absolutely have to know to be able to make this work and I know, some people are gonna skip parts of the article or skip to the end and things like that. You are not going to make this work unless you know, every step you guys, there’s, one critical mistake that a lot of beginners make.
And if you don’t make that mistake, then you can actually go on to really start making a ton of money like again. This article right here that made over a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit. And if you don’t believe me I’m going to prove it to you in just a few minutes. Alright. So I want to show you guys just a few examples of actually people who are doing this.

And what we’re looking at right here, literally all I typed in was just scariest right. So like scariest, you can see 6.5 million views. 13. Scariest articles found on the dark web, right? You see 6.8 million views. Seven years ago. Top 10, most disturbing scariest Courage, the Cowardly Dog episodes, right? But you can do this for anything like you can do, you can literally just search top 10 right? And you can look at all of these different things right here.

You can see, 4.4 million views right, too. Two months ago, 1.2 million views, 165 million views all of these different. You know, articles. And you can enter things. You can enter all types of things. My favorite things to actually enter are, you know things that have to do with fitness conspiracy theories sports right for teams things that people actually search all the time right? So you’re, saying, yourself, probably Kevin, yeah, these people have millions of views, but how are they actually making money? Right? And we’re gonna talk about exactly how much money 1 million views generally is for most of these youtubers and how much they’re actually bringing in, you know, from a profit perspective, because according to Business Insider, right, most youtubers average about $3 CPM.

And what that means is how much you get paid per 1000 views. So if a article has a million views right and you’re, getting paid $3 per thousand views, you’re, getting paid three thousand US dollars, 100 percent profit, right for every million views that you actually have. And so here’s, another example, right? Top 10 trains, top 10, fastest trains in the world, 2018 it’s, literally a compilation of the fastest trains in the world.

You can see a year ago. It has 39 million views. So if we pop up the calculator, right here, we can see 39 million views times 3000 dollars like I. Just proved to you right there, getting paid $3,000 and that’s pretty much minimum guys $3,000 per million views. So 39 million times 3000 is a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit for literally uploading a train article top 10 fastest trains in the world.

So you’re, probably saying yourself, okay, Kevin, how do I figure out which of these articles I can actually use? And then how do I actually make money doing it? Well, that’s a good question. And the way that you actually do it is by using what’s called creative commons. So every time that I actually typed something into YouTube, what I can do is come to filter right here. And then I can literally type in Creative Commons right? So what Creative Commons means is it means that you can actually download these articles right? And if you don’t know how to download a YouTube article, all you have to do is google search how to download a YouTube article right? There’s, mp4, downloaders, it’s, very very easy to do.

And once you filter for creative comments, like I, just did it’s going to show you articles any article that pops up with the Creative Commons filter on. And as a little note, every time you do a new search, you want to make sure that it’s on because sometimes it actually turns itself off, but you can see that it’s, obviously on right here. Every single one of these articles is free to use right. So I can literally download this exact article with 39 million views and maybe I could download some other top 10 fastest training compilations that are also creative comments.

And what I can do is I can reorganize right. I can use a free editing software like iMovie like a ton of different editing software. And you can reapplied the same article with a different thumbnail and a different title. Right? All you need is an eye-catching thumbnail and a well-organized title right top. Ten fastest trains in the world 2018. There isn’t a top. Ten fastest trains in the world, 2019, right? People always want to see the most recent actual thing that they’re looking for on YouTube.

So what are actually the most profitable niches and topics to actually do this for right? Because you can make top 10 compilations top 3 top 5 for anything, but there’s a few actual categories where you are going to make the most money. And if you’re saying to me, Kevin, but I have zero subscribers I’m, just starting how do I actually make this work every single one of these people who does this right? When you look on YouTube start to actually think about it.

These people are uploading these top 5 and top tens, not because they love doing it they’re doing it because YouTube is paying them thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. And all you have to do is get one article that goes viral with the YouTube algorithm. Right? It was free for this person to create this six minute compilation. It probably took them a couple hours. They downloaded different articles from around YouTube.

And they actually just created a compilation a top 10. They reloaded it added a cool thumbnail, added a cool title, and they were on their way, but what are actually the best niches and topics to do this for it? Because if you choose the wrong topics, no one’s gonna read it. And if no one reades, it you’re, not gonna make any money. So let’s talk about what the actual best topics are to do these compilations for, but really quickly I do want to give a huge shout out to our comment winner, yay, um.

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Okay. So what actually are my favorite things to make these compilations about realistically? The best things that people are constantly reading every single day are Fitness. Right? People love consumer. See theories like if we type in conspiracy, we can see, you know, five hundred and ninety, forty nine thousand eight hundred and forty-one thousand two point, four million right, lots of different actual articles here.

Fifteen million top. Ten conspiracy theories of all time. People love reading this stuff it’s the strangest thing, but they actually do right. People love reading sports highlights. So if you go into here like top, ten sports, and then we go filter, Creative Commons. You can see five point, six million views the best jumpers in the world. Right? You can see vlogbrothers. You can see lots of different stuff to actually take a look at here.

And you can do top. Ten sports, compilations, highlights best dunks there’s. So many different things you can actually make article about so sports is another one that I really love recent news. Right? If things go viral gaming is probably the number one thing that people are actually reading articles on on youtube. So if you type in gaming here, you know, you can also type in like popular games like fortnight, for example, and you can also use things that Google and YouTube tell you are popular.

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