EZ Magic Video Review – Create REAL Spokesperson Videos in SECONDS! (NEVER done before)

Have you ever wished you could have Pro Spokespersons say EXACTLY what you wanted —  without having to pay out the “Big Bucks”?

Now you can!!

With this FIRST EVER innovative software, you can create the video you want with REAL HUMANS and have them say virtually whatever you want, LINE BY LINE!

I was so excited to review this software and I’m so lucky to have received an early access to this!

Watch my full honest review and bonuses now:

Goes Live May 14th, 2018 – 8:00 PM EST

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Here are some video examples (CREATED in seconds)





EZ Video Magic is the first of it’s kind and one of the most unique video creators out there.

Because it allows you to create real spokesperson videos with REAL people in them saying what you want them to say, without actually hiring them or paying hundreds of it.

This means you’ll be able to create videos that cost $100 – $1,000 in seconds without effort or recording anything.

But what it also means is that you’ll be able to sell them for $100 – $1,000 without effort or creating anything.

Man I was so excited when I tried this, it’s very powerful.

You HAVE to watch my review video if you haven’t already and it contains my demo and all the juicy details.

In my opinion, EZ Magic Video isn’t just a very unique and powerful spokesperson video creator.

But it’s also a potential money spitting machine.

That’s right! today you can start making $250 – $500/video if you sell these videos (that take seconds to create) to clients, local businesses or on fiverr.

But how do you do that? well..meet my EZ Magic Money bonus package:

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SUPER BONUS #1 – My EZ Magic Money bonus package for EZ Magic Video.

I’m going to show you step by step An easy way to make $250 – $500/video from EZMagicVideo without contacting clients or calling anyone.

IN fact the clients will find YOU! and there’s NO phone calling!

And you’ll sell for $250 – $500 a POP!

PLUS my extra bonuses to make it even better:

Bonus #1 – I’ll send you 100 HD Royalty Free Stock Video and 5000 IMAGES.
Bonus #2 – I’ll give you Music tracks to use for it
Bonus #3 – I’ll give you a Video ads training to get cheap traffic from video ads.
Bonus #4 – I’ll show you how to start getting $0.01 clicks from FB ads instantly!

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EZ Magic Video FE

$24.95 at open

$27 at 11 AM EDT on May 15

$27.95 at 12:01 AM EDT May 16

World’s First Truly Customizable “Human Spokesperson” Video Softwar

OTO 1 EZMV Upgrade $47 One Time

2,000 additional video clips + Backgrounds + More Music

OTO 2 EZMV Agency $67 One Time

Pre-Built Agency Website + 1000 more clips to use

OTO 3 EZMV Local $67 One Time

2000 additional clips specifically for marketing to local businesses

OTO 4 EZMV Club $19.95 Monthly

Get new monthly clips based on member suggestions, trending niches, hot topics, and more.


P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

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