Blox Review – Newbie makes $633 in 15 hours without a list or review videos

Lately it seems that all the marketing strategies are focused around building a blog, building a list, creating a review video, getting bonuses, and then promoting offers.

And while these strategies WORK..they are complicated to some people, and competing with the big guys with big bonuses is damn near impossible.

This is where Blox Comes in, it offers a unique twist of the typical review strategy, and allows you to make affiliate commissions without reviews, without promoting and without a list.

It’s a cool twist but what’s even more important is that the creator started from scratch and made tens of thousands with blox.

Watch my review where I go DEEP into the product, the good, the bad, and what you can do to make it work even better for you:

Goes Live March 22th – 11:00 AM EST

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So how does Blox work?

It offers a unique twist of the typical frustrating and difficult review video strategy that all the marketers seem to be preaching.

So the normal systems force you to build a list, create a video, talk about a product, ask for review access or buy..etc..then find and prepare fancy bonus packages.

What this system allows you to do is simply send traffic without a list (unless you want to, it will get better results) to a free content page, where people will then

purchase products through your affiliate link using a unique twist on how you deliver the content.

The entire method is really simple to follow and start with and requires minimal work and effort and very low Investment.

You actually only need a few $ for hosting and a domain, and optionally a few $ for autoresponder and FB ads, but that’s super optional, you can do just fine with just domain and hosting.

I think that’s the beauty of this method.

My only gripes with it is that it is delivered by PDF’s and not videos, and that it takes 2 hours of work everyday.

However if you use my DFY bonus package you can cut the time to less than 1 hour per day and also double your money.

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BLOX DFY Magnets Package (2x faster and 2x MORE commissions INSTANTLY)

25 DFY magnets to use for this strategy, this will save you time and money.
Just copy and paste it into the Blox system with their instructions and you’ll be good to go.

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  1. Animatio Reseller Rights
    3x More Conversions

    From Existing Websites…
    Using This 1 Piece of Code

  2. WP SociConnect Reseller RightsPowerful “One-Click” Plugin INSTANTLY Provides
    Authority Content to YOUR Websites from
    ANY Fan-Page on Facebook…
    Any Niche, Any Product, Any Offer This Plain Works!

  3. ZipLinks (User License)
    No idea what this does, vendor gave it to me.

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Blox F/E – $13

BLOX Pro: (OTO1) – $27

Offers users even more… Including:

  1. Case studies
  2. List: a tutorial on how to use the BLOX method to turn prospects into leads (without giving anything away) and then sell affiliate products to them.
  3. Video ‘Expansion’ training on all BLOX steps
  4. Autorank: PDF & Video – How to set everything up to rank organically on autopilot for additional passive income.
  5. Traffic – (Full)… Additional: Includes 1 additional Facebook Traffic source
  6. Details Page… Additional: (Includes Template)
  7. Magnet (Full)… Additional: Includes where to access 1000s of Free to use Plugins and Themes to use as Magnets

BLOX MAX (OTO2) – $37

Offers users the opportunity to capitalize on a huge number of ready to go Magnets including unique training, videos and plugins… These D-F-Y Magnets are ready to go and fully hosted making it easy for anyone to get started with BLOX Fast.


  1. 30+ D-F-Y Fully hosted Magnets… Ready to plug into any Pre-sell post
  2. 600 Ready to go Blog images
  3. Split-post Training video
  4. 2x Product Specific PDF Magnets: *Plus Guaranteed Affiliate Acceptance*

BLOX Agency (OTO3): ‘2 Product’ Reseller – $67

Sell BLOX (100% Commission).

Sell Hookum (100% Commission).

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

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