Bloom review – turn $5 into $100 with a SICK software (MY BEST BONUS SO FAR)


Insanity is the word I’d choose to describe this software combined with my bonus (but that’s for later..)

Vat iz Bloom?

Bloom iz a system that combines a software and a training showing you how to

turn $5 into hundreds easily without selling anything.

So does it work, HOW does it work, and what’s my bonus? find out in my review:

Goes Live At January 15th , 11:00 AM EST.

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I’m actually really excited about this one, here’s why.

Bloom works like this:

You build a nice little wordpress site, you install bloom on it, you use bloom to turn youtube videos

into fully fledged wordpress posts, monetize these posts with ADSENSE, and then drive FB ADS to it.

It’s a SUPER clever strategy, that is based around the Madsense Reborn Strategy I released last year, which generated

over $200,000 in 9 months.

And they will show you step by step, how to get started and make money with this strategy.

But it has ONE main problem..

To succeed with this system, you need ALOT of cheap FB ads traffic.

Dirt cheap.

And just a “training” on how to get cheap traffic like they provide WON’T CUT IT.

What you REALLY need is a 7 figure expert sitting next to you, telling you how to build

a kick ass FB ads that gets insane attention, while a graphic designer sits on the other side of you, and designs the ads per the 7 figure experts advice.

But, that is impossible right? well, not anymore..let me introduce, my BONUS..


Meet AdBuddy.

An artificial intelligence software I’ve been working on for a long time now that builds smart FB ads in SECONDS,

AND suggests you what improvements to make to the ad, how to make it more converting, tells you when you are doing something wrong and doesn’t let you launch an ad if it doesn’t meet the standards.

What we basically did was Interview 6 and 7 figure FB ad expert, took their minds into a software alghorithm and build

an amazing ad builder with that alogrithm.

With many templates built around the knowledge of these experts and an artificially intelligent “AdBuddy” character, this is the ultimate ads builder.

And it’s also your shortcut to getting INSANE yours with Bloom.

And it fixes the FB ADS problem.

But I want only 50 beta testers, no more.

So be one of the first 50 to get it:

Click Here To Get This Product Along With My FIXER ELIXIR Bonus Package (50 people only)


1. WP SociConnect Reseller Rights – Instant content for your website from FANPAGES (not youtube like Bloom)

2. Animatio Reseller Rights – get 3x MORE conversions from an existing website

3. ZipLinks (User License) – Check your website health & functions in SECONDS

Click Here To Get This Product Along With My FIXER ELIXIR Bonus Package (50 people only)

Bloom (FE): Two options to suite user requirement. 1 Site & 10 sites. ($26)

Includes BLOOOM full feature Plugin (Including Plugin Tutorial) &

BLOOOM Monetization video training module (step by step monetization).

Pricing 1: Starts @ $25.77 rising to $67.00

Pricing 2: Starts @ $23.74 rising to $65.00

B L O O O M (Upgrade #1): Pro Plugin

Pro version of plugin (including all relevant training videos for the Pro version of the plugin)

Additional Features include:

Schedule Your Content / Post Creation – automate content creation / income generation becomes hands free (Fully Automated), Scheduled posting. Instant traffic through Buffer integration for social media syndication… (post shared on scheduled publish)

Ability to create longer posts by combining multiple videos using Tray Feature

Use PRO on unlimited sites

Once set up this can be set to run on complete autopilot

DFY Niches

3x DFY Target Niches including… Instant Plug & Play articles.

3 case studies that show (actual stats, niches, ads, articles)

Pricing: Starts @ $37 rising to $77.00

B L O O O M (Upgrade #2): BLOOOM Set-up ($67 year or $27/month)

For those who really don’t want to do anything we’ve included a full set up and management service. We’ll set everything up, we’ll schedule posts and syndication… we even host it for them.

This is truly a hands off option… user chooses a niche and domain – we do the rest.Pricing: Initial set up cost will be $67 (50% commission)Pricing: Recurring monthly cost will be $27 (30% commission).

Pricing 1: Initial Fee $67

Pricing 2: Monthly recurring $27

B L O O O M (Upgrade #3): Developer Edition ($27)

Flip Sites for Big Money with plugin attached. Video training shows how to flip sites for 4 or 5 figures.Includes: Listing templates

Plus: Developer / Agency which allows sites to be sold with plugin installed. Plus: Enables / allows user to build / run / develop adsense sites for customers with plugin installed.

Pricing: Starts @ $27 rising to $47.00

B L O O O M (Upgrade #4): Agency / Reseller ($67)

Sell BLOOOM (2 Options).

BLOOOM – reseller 250 Price Starts @ $77 rising to $187

BLOOOM – reseller 100 Price Starts @ $67 rising to $157

Click Here To Get This Product Along With My FIXER ELIXIR Bonus Package (50 people only)

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