How To Make Money Online For Beginners

In this article we’re going to be showing you how to make $100 or more. Many people are making way more than $100 per day, literally making videos on YouTube without doing any of the recording yourself. You don’t have to be on camera. You literally don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is remake articles that you’re allowed to use right? This is 100%.
Legit I did all the research there’s, something called Creative Commons that we’re gonna show you and talk about a little bit later in this article. I’m gonna show you guys how to make money online for beginners from YouTube, literally, just re uploading videos that are already on YouTube, because I know, a lot of people don’t have cameras a lot of people don’t want to get in front of a camera. But anyone anywhere with zero subscribers can start to do this and start to make a ton of money doing it.
So most people think that you’re not actually allowed to just reuse, you know, YouTube content and other people’s content that they upload on youtube people think that there’s coffee rights people think that they’re not allowed to actually reuse that and a lot of times that is actually true, but not always there’s something called creative comments. And what Creative Commons is is it allows anyone anywhere to reuse, the article content that people upload to YouTube if they mark it as Creative Commons and this is way good way guys how to make money online for beginners.
And the cool thing is it’s actually very easy to figure out what is creative comments. And what is not creative comments if you know how? But as a warning guys do not skip any of this article because there’s one critical thing that you absolutely have to know to be able to make this work and I know, some people are gonna skip parts of the article or skip to the end and things like that. You are not going to make this work unless you know, every step you guys, there’s, one critical mistake that a lot of beginners make.
And if you don’t make that mistake, then you can actually go on to really start making a ton of money like again. This article right here that made over a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit. And if you don’t believe me I’m going to prove it to you in just a few minutes. Alright. So I want to show you guys just a few examples of actually people who are doing this.

And what we’re looking at right here, literally all I typed in was just scariest right. So like scariest, you can see 6.5 million views. 13. Scariest articles found on the dark web, right? You see 6.8 million views. Seven years ago. Top 10, most disturbing scariest Courage, the Cowardly Dog episodes, right? But you can do this for anything like you can do, you can literally just search top 10 right? And you can look at all of these different things right here.

You can see, 4.4 million views right, too. Two months ago, 1.2 million views, 165 million views all of these different. You know, articles. And you can enter things. You can enter all types of things. My favorite things to actually enter are, you know things that have to do with fitness conspiracy theories sports right for teams things that people actually search all the time right? So you’re, saying, yourself, probably Kevin, yeah, these people have millions of views, but how are they actually making money? Right? And we’re gonna talk about exactly how much money 1 million views generally is for most of these youtubers and how much they’re actually bringing in, you know, from a profit perspective, because according to Business Insider, right, most youtubers average about $3 CPM.

And what that means is how much you get paid per 1000 views. So if a article has a million views right and you’re, getting paid $3 per thousand views, you’re, getting paid three thousand US dollars, 100 percent profit, right for every million views that you actually have. And so here’s, another example, right? Top 10 trains, top 10, fastest trains in the world, 2018 it’s, literally a compilation of the fastest trains in the world.

You can see a year ago. It has 39 million views. So if we pop up the calculator, right here, we can see 39 million views times 3000 dollars like I. Just proved to you right there, getting paid $3,000 and that’s pretty much minimum guys $3,000 per million views. So 39 million times 3000 is a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit for literally uploading a train article top 10 fastest trains in the world.

So you’re, probably saying yourself, okay, Kevin, how do I figure out which of these articles I can actually use? And then how do I actually make money doing it? Well, that’s a good question. And the way that you actually do it is by using what’s called creative commons. So every time that I actually typed something into YouTube, what I can do is come to filter right here. And then I can literally type in Creative Commons right? So what Creative Commons means is it means that you can actually download these articles right? And if you don’t know how to download a YouTube article, all you have to do is google search how to download a YouTube article right? There’s, mp4, downloaders, it’s, very very easy to do.

And once you filter for creative comments, like I, just did it’s going to show you articles any article that pops up with the Creative Commons filter on. And as a little note, every time you do a new search, you want to make sure that it’s on because sometimes it actually turns itself off, but you can see that it’s, obviously on right here. Every single one of these articles is free to use right. So I can literally download this exact article with 39 million views and maybe I could download some other top 10 fastest training compilations that are also creative comments.

And what I can do is I can reorganize right. I can use a free editing software like iMovie like a ton of different editing software. And you can reapplied the same article with a different thumbnail and a different title. Right? All you need is an eye-catching thumbnail and a well-organized title right top. Ten fastest trains in the world 2018. There isn’t a top. Ten fastest trains in the world, 2019, right? People always want to see the most recent actual thing that they’re looking for on YouTube.

So what are actually the most profitable niches and topics to actually do this for right? Because you can make top 10 compilations top 3 top 5 for anything, but there’s a few actual categories where you are going to make the most money. And if you’re saying to me, Kevin, but I have zero subscribers I’m, just starting how do I actually make this work every single one of these people who does this right? When you look on YouTube start to actually think about it.

These people are uploading these top 5 and top tens, not because they love doing it they’re doing it because YouTube is paying them thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. And all you have to do is get one article that goes viral with the YouTube algorithm. Right? It was free for this person to create this six minute compilation. It probably took them a couple hours. They downloaded different articles from around YouTube.

And they actually just created a compilation a top 10. They reloaded it added a cool thumbnail, added a cool title, and they were on their way, but what are actually the best niches and topics to do this for it? Because if you choose the wrong topics, no one’s gonna read it. And if no one reades, it you’re, not gonna make any money. So let’s talk about what the actual best topics are to do these compilations for, but really quickly I do want to give a huge shout out to our comment winner, yay, um.

And if you want to be the comment winner and get a shout out on our next article, all you have to do is three simple things. You have tact that like button, make sure that you do subscribe to the strongest family on YouTube and leave a comment down below letting me know what you are struggling with right now, if you’re making money online, if you’re just getting started, let me know where you’re at so I can personally help you on your journey to start making more money online.

Okay. So what actually are my favorite things to make these compilations about realistically? The best things that people are constantly reading every single day are Fitness. Right? People love consumer. See theories like if we type in conspiracy, we can see, you know, five hundred and ninety, forty nine thousand eight hundred and forty-one thousand two point, four million right, lots of different actual articles here.

Fifteen million top. Ten conspiracy theories of all time. People love reading this stuff it’s the strangest thing, but they actually do right. People love reading sports highlights. So if you go into here like top, ten sports, and then we go filter, Creative Commons. You can see five point, six million views the best jumpers in the world. Right? You can see vlogbrothers. You can see lots of different stuff to actually take a look at here.

And you can do top. Ten sports, compilations, highlights best dunks there’s. So many different things you can actually make article about so sports is another one that I really love recent news. Right? If things go viral gaming is probably the number one thing that people are actually reading articles on on youtube. So if you type in gaming here, you know, you can also type in like popular games like fortnight, for example, and you can also use things that Google and YouTube tell you are popular.

SellinMessenger Review – Software sells to your website visitors, does customer support, all on autopilot.

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  • Very customizable, you can do whatever you want to your ‘Flow’ and create amazing engagement machines.
  • Ahead of the competition no doubt

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • You’re gonna use the tutorials, there’s an initial learning curve and it took me about 30 minutes to figure it out and even now I’m slow at doing it.

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NinjaShoppe Review – 1 Click Affiliate Shops With Content, Traffic, Products & REVIEWS!

Every day millions of people actively search for stuff to buy online.

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My point is that it’s a HUGE market that can be REALLY profitable for you.

So what’s the problem? well, building an affiliate shop is NOT an easy task.

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Videosly Review – Create traffic & sales driving videos in 5 minutes from ANY PAGE!

Having a traffic driving & converting video is a MUST in today’s marketing world.

Whether you’re ranking it on youtube, selling video creation services to online and offline clients, creating videos to promote your product, physical or digital, having a solid video creation tool is a must.

Some of them are really complex, some of them are really expensive, some of them are really good.

But VideoSly is INNOVATIVE.

It’s different.

Instead of your traditional video creation software – this app takes any URL and turns it into a fully fledged, content filled traffic driving & sales making video in 5 minutes.

The type of videos that local businesses pay hundreds for and fiverr buyers pay $50+ for 30 seconds of it.

The type of videos that actually get people to click and buy your stuff.

The type of videos that gets insane optin rates.

Join me in my in depth review of VideoSly, you can skip to 9:25 for the bonuses.

Goes Live May 9th, 2018 – 11:00 AM EST

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My Review

Who this is for:

Great for local marketers because you can charge alot.
Great for FIVERR/online services because you can charge high and there are many buyers.
Great for youtube rankings because these are good promotional videos with content.
Great for video ads because they are simply effective, really good for ecom.
Great for social media sharing because they have a viral element.
Great for listbuilding because of the built in lead getting feature.

Features (8/10)

VideoSly isn’t a FEATURE packed software, and it’s not supposed to be.

It’s instead a simple and effective video creation tool that just makes the whole thing easy.

No dealing with super long rendering times, fancy super fonts, doodle videos and complicated slide creation.

Instead it focuses on simplicity and speed.

Just take any URL and in 5 mins it’ll be a money making video that’s ready to be on youtube, social media or for your client.

Yet at the same time it has ALL the features you’ll ever need.

I do however think they could give more customization to the video creation process.

Value (9/10)

With the commercial license this becomes a very good offer for the price.

In fact with just one sale of this as a service you can make your money back for Videosly.

I think the price doesn’t get any better than that.

Practicality (10/10)

This is the module where I talk about whether or not the videos will actually be of any USE..

You see there are many video creators out there, really fancy.

But most of them just create a cool video that nobody’s really going to use.

Not videosly, this one creates EFFECTIVE videos that actually drive traffic and make sales.

I stand behind this product’s usability 100%.

Now – if you want the most amazing and biggest bonus package ever – check out my HOLY MOLY bonus package 🙂

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Videosly HOLY MOLY bonus pack

You get:

Bonus #1 – I’ll build you 50,000 DO FOLLOW, high quality & PERMANENT backlinks to your video or any URL.
Bonus #2 – I’ll send you 100 HD Royalty Free Stock Video and 5000 IMAGES.
Bonus #3 – I’ll give you Music tracks to use for Videosly
Bonus #4 – I’ll teach you an Easy strategy to make money by providing these videos as services on fiverr
Bonus #5 – I’ll give you  one NON FIVERR method if you don’t want to sell on fiverr.
Bonus #6 – I’ll give you a Video ads training to get cheap traffic from video ads using VIdeosly videos.
Bonus #7 – I’ll teach you a cool $0.01/click strategy by utilizing tier 2 countries on FB ADS.

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (100 people ONLY)<==

Extra Bonus #1 – Video Drill Whitelabel Rights
Extra Bonus #2 –  Social Mobi (Developer)
Extra Bonus #3 – VideoHub (Developer)

and OTO1: Video Sales Blueprint (White label)


Early bird price at $27 (Personal), $37 (Business) & $47 (Agency) for 3 hours (11am-2pm EST), Day One

First price increase at 2pm EST by $3 for Business & Agency Packages


Videosly PRO lets customers create 30 videos each month with all pro features. PRO access also gives the option to create videos for clients.


(20 licenses) $97
(100 Licenses) $197
(500 Licenses) $997

Videosly Reseller gives customers the right to sell Videosly
software and keep 100% of the profit.

OTO 3 – STOCK FOOTAGE ($37-97)

(Monthly) $37 One time
then $27 each month after
(Annual) $97/yearly

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Much better than the competition.

Viddyoze is a drop dead simple multi purpose video making software that just crushes the competition.

I’m talking animation videos, logo intros, outros, live action videos, social actions, Call to actions are all types of videos

marketers use these days for ALL purposes..from youtubers to internet marketers to local businesses to news sites.

And there was a time where It would cost you $1,000 to create a video like Viddyoze creates.

But not anymore, with the release of Viddyoze 3.0, the LAST version, you will be able to create incredible, breathtaking videos

IN SECONDS that are customized with whatever image, logo, text or anything you want.

And these videos sell like hotcakes on fiverr and to small businesses.

In fact, viddyoze is more of a money spitting money than a video creation machine – and that can be proven by doing a small 10 seconds research on fiverr for Animated Logo’s or Video Intro’s or Outos.

These sell into the hundreds with the right upsells, and I actually outline a nice little idea for it in my review.

Watch my in depth, fun and honest review on Viddyoze 3.0 below, skip to 6:35 for my bonuses.

Goes Live May 1st, 2018 – 11:00 AM EST

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Here’s my Review:

Once you log into viddyoze, you feel right at home from the start.

RIGHT from the start you feel like you know exactly what to do, because they walk you by the hand and it’ll take you just a few seconds to create a video.

I mean really, it’s far better than anything out there.

IT DOES have a drawback though as I showed in my video review and it’s that some of the videos come without music at all, and there is no option to upload your own.

Plus, there is no selection of music – just one song (that fits it) for each video that actually has audio.

It’s not bad, just means that customization is lacking in that area, no worries though, I solve that in my bonus.

I think one of the best parts of Viddyoze 3.0 is that it comes with a COMMERCIAL license and man, that thing is a profit spitting machine.

If you go to fiverr right now and search things like Animated Logo or Video Intro or Outro or Social Outro you’ll find that there is ALOT of money moving around in those services and into the hundreds..on FIVERR! and Viddyoze creates them in seconds.

I also capitalize on this opportunity in my bonus package.

All in all, this is an INCREDIBLE software worth every single penny and then some.

But, this is version 3.0, and it is the LAST one. After that they’re taking to something bigger and more expensive.

Well, I want to say my goodbyes, and provide a very special bonus package I call my ‘Farewell Bonus Package’.

Check it out:

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My Farewell Bonus Package

Part #1 – I’ll give you a STEP BY STEp Training on getting CLIENTS with free traffic and NO PHONE.

No cold calling, no no fiverr, just easy free traffic to make money with Viddyoze.

Part #2 – Then a DFY swipe to contact clients, or should I ATTRACT them to you. just customize it to fit your video, and boom! start attracting and closing paying clients using my strategy.

Part #3 – I will also give you a step by step, very easy to follow Fiverr Guide, so you will learn how to make money with Viddyoze really fast using’s pretty incredible how much money you can make. you can sell these videos for $50 – $500 with the right upsells/funnel.

Part #4 – DFY Music Pack, so you have a better selection and more customization

Part #5 – I’ll have my team custom design a logo for you or your client.

This one is gold..whether you will provide it as a fiverr service or not..or you want to use it for yourself, you need a powerful and professional logo.

Why not have my team design it FOR YOU? That way you will know your logo was created professionally! and then simply upload it to viddyoze and that’s it, for you or your client.

However, this bonus is super exclusive because I want to reward ACTION takers if you’re fast – you’ll enjoy this amazing farewell package.

And if not, you’ll burn in hell.

Your choice.

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)<==


Front End: $67 With Commercial License
OTO1 – Template Club – $37/month or $347/year.

OTO2 – DFY professional showreel videos package – $97

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

Viddictive 2.0 Review – Create PROFESSIONAL video ads and commercials in SECONDS (100% customized)

Viddictive 2.0 is a simple, effective and professional video creation tool that’ll create video ads and video commercials

for you in seconds in any niche, custom tailored to your niche, and help you drive traffic, get more attention, clicks and sales.

I don’t need to tell you how powerful videos are, you already know that.

But still creating a professional promotional video requires alot of thinking and effort and a big budget.

And time, lol.

What Viddictive does is solves all of that in a few seconds by creating professional promo videos for your marketing.

Watch my in depth review and also check out my DFY bonus package below (skip to 10:15 for bonuses)

Goes Live April 29th – 11:00 AM EST

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Here’s my Review:

Viddictive is a simple video ads and commercial videos creation tool that’ll create them in seconds for any purpose, in any niche, and custom tailored to what YOU have to offer or sell.

It’s very newbie friendly, very simple to use, NO learning curve, NO bugs, NO thinking.

Simply choose a template and follow steps.

However it does come with a downside, the templates, or the video creation process is simply NOT customizable enough.

You can change simple things like font, text size and text color.

It’s all setup for you beforehand.

However that’s about the ONLY drawback I see in this software.

Heck it even comes with a decent training/course right inside the software.

However, it does lack an edge..

Here’s the thing – With it you get video ads and video commercials.

But – You don’t get ad copy or any ad templates or swipes..

And, you also get a limited selection of music tracks for the video.

Plus – you get no help with the targeting and interests.

So..I decided to solve all of these problems with my DFY Viddictive 2.0 BONUS solution 🙂


Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)<==

DFY Viddictive 2.0 Bonus

Part#1 – DFY ad copy for whatever you promote on FB.

Sometimes, all you need is the perfect ad copy to kickstart your ad campaign.

You already how to setup your Facebook ads and manage your ad campaigns.
You already get the video from Viddictive 2.0.
You’d have to cough out hundreds of dollars for a professional copywriter to help you out with a
2 line ad copy! As a small business with a meagre budget, what do you do?

This is where I come in. I deliver the perfect copywriting that speaks to your audience,
in a way that catches their attention and compels them to take another look at your offer.

It is not magic. It is science. It is psychology.

You also get..

Part #2 – An interest finding training where I’ll show you how to easily find related and cheap interests for your FB campaigns.
Part #3 – Superb YT Ads Training Pack on successfully running YT ADS
Part #4 – DFY royalty free music pack (one of the best I’ve ever bought rights to, yours free)

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Extra Bonus #1 – 200+ Graphic Bundles + 10 Retargeting Templates – Reseller Rights (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab 200+ PROVEN, HIGH CTR AD TEMPLATES & Instantly Get More Cheaper Clicks, More Traffic & Sales With Your Very First Campaign Plus 10+ Retargeting Templates…

Extra Bonus #2 – GetInterests (EXCLUSIVE)

Revolutionary Tool Delivers Targeted BUYING Facebook Audiences In Seconds

Find profitable untapped Facebook interests other marketers and business owners didn’t already know about … effectively leapfrogging your competition


Front End: Main Software With 100 Templates: $37

OTO1 Template Club 1: $37 One-Time

OTO2 Template Club 2: $37 One-Time

OTO3 PRO Version: $47

  • Reseller License
  • Connection with Multiple Social Accounts
  • Team’s Member access
  • Unlimited Renders
  • 2K Extra Sounds

OTO4 Commercial License: $67

Price Goes Up Every Day for Every Product In The Funnel

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

Traffic Takeover Review – the TRUTH about this product..(100% HONEST)

This is a SPECIAL review..

Not because Traffic Takeover is a good or bad product..

Not because of my bonuses..

But because Traffic Takeover, is not really a traffic software.

Confused? watch my review to find out the truth about Traffic Takeover:

Goes Live April 20th – 11:00 AM EST

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (60 people ONLY)<==

I repeat, traffic takeover is NOT a traffic software.

You see, when I first got access to this software I was sure that I’m going to review a software that gets you free autopilot traffic,

just like they promise on the sales page.

But it doesn’t.

I was really surprised..

First, let’s clear something from the start – Traffic Takeover is a REALLY good and high quality product, that is sold at a fair price and it WILL make you money if used right and in combination with my bonus.

But – it’s NOT a traffic solution as the name of the sales page would imply.

This software allows you to go ahead, take any URL you want, CNN, BBC, whatever..any authroity you want, and siphon

all that trust and authority And promote ANY link you want.

You can insert an image, a video, a social button, an optin form, a messenger chat option, a custom HTML..and more, on top of ANY page.

This is a brilliant, feature packed AUTHORITY jacking software.

But it has NOTHING to do with traffic.

It’s a sales machine, a profit producing software..but if you didn’t have traffic before using won’t have it AFTER using it.

So..what do you do?

Well, this is why I created my special bonus package, which is designed to help you..BIG TIME.

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (60 people ONLY)<==

The  MONEY strategy and DFY package:

The entire strategy is using this to promote AFFILIATE products..

Hijack a well known affiliate sales page..and instead add your own bonus there.

Broken down into 4 parts, all designed to work together in harmony to get you the best results the fastest and give you an advantage:

Part #1 – How to get hundreds of buyer leads per day for FREE to your list.
My method of making his listbuilding method BETTER (on STEROIDS)

Part #2 – How to build TRUST with that list FAST without ‘providing’ lots of value or giving away FREEBIES.

Part #3 – My top 5 offers to promote with this method that convert like CRAZY.

Part #4 – DFY bonuses to use (10+!!!) to promote these offers.

This solves the traffic issue, the products issue and the bonus issue.

It’s very powerful and I wish traffic takeover would have been a real traffic solution but it’s i had to create this bonus for you. must know, it is NOT available to everyone.

Only the first 60 people to get it through my link will benefit from it..the rest, will lose.

So, be swift, and be one of the first to get it.

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  • Extra Bonus #1 – WP Blog Book
  • Extra Bonus #2 – WPBuzzMachine
  • Extra Bonus #3 – WPLinkTweet
  • Extra Bonus #4 – WPScarcityLock
  • Extra Bonus #5 – WPShortcodeCTA
  • Extra Bonus #6 – WPSqueezeQuestion
  • Extra Bonus #7 –
  • Extra Bonus #8 –
  • Extra Bonus #9 –
  • Extra Bonus #10 –
  • Extra Bonus #11 –


First six hours – 10am – 4pm EST:

Lite – $17.95

Pro – $27.95

OTO 1 – $37

Triple Profit Bar – Top bar appears at the top of pages you ‘takeover’

  • Add an attention-grabbing bar across the top section of ANY website you Takeover – This is prime website real estate and the best place to put something like this to get maximum attention
  • This bar can be setup to appear at the top of the website you have ‘taken over’ when the visitor crosses off your initial popup
  • The Triple Profit Bar stands out, and when a visitor scrolls down the page, there is NO way they won’t see it
  • Easily customize customize the Triple Profit Bar with just a few clicks of your mouse – No design skills required because this add-on is 100% newbie-friendly
  • Add any text, call-to-action, announcement, or link that you want to the Triple Profit Bar
  • The Triple Profit Bar also includes a built-in countdown timer to encourage the visitor to TAKE ACTION, so you get as many clicks as possible
  • The Triple Profit Bar is great for getting more clicks to affiliate offers, landing pages, opt-in pages, and more!

OTO 2 – $37

Instant Profit Wheel – Wheel of Fortune style wheel appears on websites you ‘takeover’

  • Add an engaging wheel with all sorts of different prizes pop-up on ANY website you’ve taken over
  • The Instant Profit Wheel is colorful, fun, super-engaging, and fully customizable
  • You can choose what prizes you want to display on the wheel (free reports, access to CPA offers, coupons, etc.)
  • Decide where the visitor is sent after spinning the wheel – Redirect to ANY page you want
  • You can also require someone to opt-into your list before spinning the wheel for a prize
  • The Instant Profit Wheel boosts engagement, steels authority from any site you takeover, builds your lists on autopilot, and increases your profits!

OTO 3 – $47

Advanced training and case study to complement FE software

  • In short, this is a full length video series detailing how to use Traffic Takeover in the various ways, full installation guide etc
  • Customer will get PDF cheat sheets if they don’t wish to watch the videos
  • Further videos showing us using the finished products to generate leads, get traffic and sales
  • Additional traffic rolodex of paid and free traffic sources we use inside our business
  • Zero-cost business start up guide is also included which will show the customer how to setup their online business for zero cost

OTO 4 – $297

Agency Rights Upgrade – Use Traffic Takeover on behalf of your clients and customers

  • Customer has opportunity to use Traffic Takeover on behalf of their own clients
  • Great for people who target local business, work offline and manage pages and profiles for those people
  • User create X amount of accounts for the price level you decide

OTO 5 – $297

License Rights Upgrade – Rights to sell Traffic Takeover as your own

  • Customer gets rights to sell Traffic Takeover
  • Customer gets DFY email swipes to promote TT as their own product
  • Everything is done for the customer
  • Customer also gets a series of traffic videos to help them sell TT as their own, especially if they haven’t run traffic before
  • Customer also gets access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help
  • Perfect for the customer who wants their own product to keep higher percentage profits when promoting!

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

Traffic Victory Review – How Marc creates FREE traffic machines that make $100/day each

Boy oh boy I missed products like this one, it’s been a long time since a decent one

came out about making money passively, and one that WORKS..

Traffic Victory is a new system that Marc uses and used to go from a complete newbie to $200/day

passively WITHOUT a list, without launches, without a budget.

It’s completely FREE traffic and it’s also pretty fast..(FASTER with my bonus though)

Watch my review and see EXACTLY what this system is all about:

Goes Live April 24th – 10:00 AM EST

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)<==

Traffic Victory is a new system that Marc uses to make $200/day passively with 100% free traffic.

He uses SEO traffic only and without building a list.

It’s VERY clever and easy, and what I love about this training is that it is step by step and he shares LOTS of insider secrets

and golden nuggets that NO ONE else is sharing..

For a really stupid low price.

What I didn’t like however is that he seems to teach in a more freestyle manner, with alot of focus on fancier SEO terms, which

makes me feel that if you’re a complete newbie, you’re going to have a harder time understanding it.

But regardless, it is a solid system to make money.

However, the primary traffic source is SEO..

Which means, it’ll take time to rank.

So at may be making just $5/day..$10 or so.

Well, how would you like a TURBO boost to get you rankings FASTER 🙂

Well, then let me introduce my super special and super exclusive bonus 🙂

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)<==


Your traffic BOOST..

His method focuses around press releases, SEO etc traffic.

Lots of manual SEO work.

I have a solution for that..

I’ll get you Dofollow 50,000 Permanent SEO Backlinks for your website..

And get you ranked even faster..this is a NO BRAINER.

This is available ONLY to peopele who buy F/E + ANY OTO.. ONLY (50 PEOPLE)

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (50 people ONLY)<==


BONUS #1: Twitter Traffic Profits Boost – Value $97

This unique crash course will show you how to get steady, rapid traffic from Twitter in the easiest way possible. This course is not available anywhere else currently! Get it entirely free when you snag Traffic Victory.

BONUS #2: Marc’s Free FB Traffic Method – Value $197

Get access to this exclusive method from Marc showing you how to build even more free traffic by utilizing FB groups. Marc does this in a completely unique way and it will let you really add on the traffic from FB with little work!

BONUS #3: Exclusive Mastermind Access – (VALUE: $197)

Join newbies and advanced marketers alike in this exclusive mastermind. See other’s success, learn from it, apply it for yourself and profit big. Without this mastermind, you’ll miss out on additional secrets discovered. These methods will perfectly complement what you will learn inside Traffic Victory.

Bonus #4 – Pinterest Ads Crash Course – (VALUE: $197)

Stefan has gotten 200% Return on Investment using Pinterest ads- get this Pinterest Ads Crash course as a bonus when you act now (no one is teaching this!)

Bonus #5 – $33,000 Case Study

This is an exclusive $33,000 case study where Stefan’s business partner easily crossed $33,000 in revenue with a simple e-commerce method that anyone can do.

Bonus #6 – Exclusive Collection of IM Graphics (Currently Sold For $27)

For anything you do online, you need stunning graphics to make your products and services more professional. That’s why we have decided to also provide you with a collection of stunning IM graphics. There are over 650 high quality templates for anything you might possibly need: arrows, bullets, banners, ebook templates, fonts, headers, icons, you name it… It will be a huge help for you in anything you do online. And you can easily use this pack to assist your results using the Tidalwave Traffic system.



FRONT END: $9.95
OTO1 –  Case Studies – $27
OTO2 – DFY Pack – $27
OTO3 – Resell Rights – $37

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.

FastEYE Pages Review – Create Fast Loading Pages In SECONDS with copywriting and animations built in

There are more than enough page builders out there..

Some create really quick loading pages that explode conversions because of that.

Some have some sort of copywriting element built into them that helps newbies sell without experience.

Some have features to animate page elements and make them vibrant and interesting to keep viewers GLUED to the screen..

FastEye pages though, has them all, and it’s much simpler than all the other solutions.

It builds incredibly fast loading pages with ease, loaded from amazing templates with built in copywriting packages and lots of exclusive tech features

making it one of the most interesting products of 2018.

Join me in the review of Fasteye Pages and see if it lives up to the promises:

Goes Live April 20th – 11:00 AM EST

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (60 people ONLY)<==

FastEye pages is a really big software that somehow manages to turn all of it’s features into a simple software.

The result is amazing – it’s essentially the best of all page builders, in one without headache and without expensive pricing.

Creating a page that is designed to sell is simple.

You choose a domain name (on their hosting), then you select a template that looks good and has preloaded text.
Then you edit it, add your elements, customize, animate elements, or choose from over 500+ DFY copywriting packages so that anyone regardless of experience can start selling anything fast.

Then you publish it and that’s it. in minutes you can have a high converting page that loads fast.

I absolutely love this software, which is why I decided to give away not 1..but TWO insanely big and valuable bonus packages.

i’ve never done this before – but I want to – FastEye Pages DESERVES it.

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (60 people ONLY)<==


Bonus Package #1 – the EVERYTHING solver:

Backend Funnel Bonus

Traffic Generation Bonus

Copywriting Bonus

Ecover Graphics

Listbuilding Bonus

Follow Ups Bonus

More Graphics

Lead Generation Machines

Smart Funnels

Webinar Training

Bonus Package #2 – The AUTOPILOT mode:

Bonus #1 – Gramsuite – A software that’ll get you SOCIAL MEDIA traffic on demand for free.

Bonus #2 – *****WP Botlocker*****

With this software you will be able to:

Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers

You can Install on Unlimited Sites + CLIENT SITES

Bonus #3 – VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting and easy to rank content on your sites.

Checkout The Amazing Features Built Inside Gram Suite which is bonus #1

Auto Activity: This feature help you auto doing the liking, commenting, following, unfollow, followback, repost media, delete your media activities for you round the clock

Auto Post: This feature help you auto post on your Instagram accounts.
Post types: Photo, Story Photo and Video.
Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real
Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease
Save post: Save your posts
Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis
Category: Add accounts into categories
Spintax: supported spintax to random your connent post on your accounts on Instagram

Auto Send Direct Message: This feature help you auto send message to your following and followers on your Instagram accounts.
Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease
Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis
Spintax: supported spintax to random your connent message to your following and followers on your Instagram accounts

Instagram Search: You can search by username or hashtag with keyword.
Instagram Download: Enter Media ID or Media URL on instagram to can download any video or photo very easy

Click Here To Get It With My SPECIAL Bonus Package (60 people ONLY)<==


Front End: 20 ready Made Landing page templates ($37)

Early Bird Price $37 (with $5 off coupon making it $32). Early bird expires at 4PM EST.
Coupon: 5early

Unlimited access to FastEye Pages

Create unlimited landing pages

Create unlimited sales pages

Create unlimited websites

One time fee. Pay now and use forever!

1+Million high resolution images

100+ Icons

Exceptional Customer Support

Free Page Hosting for Users

UPSELL #1: FastEye PRO Upgrade ($47)

The FastEye PRO Upgrade gets you do 10X more. It comes packed with:

*50 More websites and Landing page templates

*Virtual Assistant Access (Collaboration kinda thing)

*1000+ New Professionally approved Icons

* Can add your domain with website designed by you.

*create a custom url for website(subdomains)

*Site analytics

*Monthly webinars on how best to make more money with Fasteye Pages

*Works with all major email service provider  including Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign Getresponse, Infusionsoft and more

*100% Responsive: your pages will show up on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices

*Ultra-Fast Customer support

*30+  winning Facebook ads (add creatives we use to drive traffic to our landing pages)… Just copy, paste and PROFIT!

OTO1 Downsell 300:  30 brand new templates plus access to future updates $27/Month

OTO2: FastEye Agency:  $47

OTO3: FastEye VID: $47/YEAR

Now you have the pages…time to start bringing traffic to them…and we all know there’s no better way to bring traffic than leveraging videos.

But Videos need  to reaching out to everyone, everywhere…you need to be dominating. SyVID helps you put you videos on 8 video sharing platform and over 15 different social media sites…bringing hoards of traffic back to your pages and also building you backlinks to start ranking higher.

P.S – Recently there have been reports that adblocker are blocking JVZOO’s affiliate link system,

so disable your adblocker temporarily before purchasing through my link to ENSURE you get my bonuses.